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There are over 1000 businesses or organizations we've identified so far that we have in our database and available on-line here. We were just astounded by the number. The site will continue to expand as we go and we hope to be a part of Leavenworth for some time to come.

We have been asked about advertising on our site. We will continue to provide links from our site to yours without charge, but if you'd like to be seen better and stand out from the crowd you can advertise with us.

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One future improvement we hope to add is a virtual walkthrough of the town, so people can click on a building and "see inside" it as they plan their trip... or if they are just homesick for their favorite places. We've already talked to some of you on a previous trip and gotten interior pictures. We'll let you know when that is ready to go.

So Fritzi and Mitzi, the Accidental Bavarians, say "Herzlich Willkommen, Leavenworth!"

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