What is "Leavenworthy"?

We wanted to find a way to reward people or businesses who show the true spirit of Leavenworth. We have deemed them "Leavenworthy". It is not an award you can apply for, it must be earned. When we come across people or businesses we think have gone above and beyond, we will list them here and provide them with a picture and link they can use on their website to advertise that we consider them Leavenworthy.

We do take suggestions from our fans. Send us a note about who you think is Leavenworthy.


What do we consider Leavenworthy?

  • Stellar customer service
  • An extra perk given just because
  • Someone who is extra friendly
  • If it's really cool
  • Something that makes you want to come back for more
  • It's new and different
  • A tasty morsel
  • Anything that makes you go "Ahhhh!!"

Award Winners

January 21, 2012The Cheesemongers Shop. We've been shopping there for many years and wouldn't dream of traveling to or through Leavenworth without stopping. But most of all they're Leavenworthy because they're a locally owned business, providing world-class gourmet product, with fantastic small-town service and employees that obviously love what they do.

September 3, 2011Washington State Dept. of Transportation winter driving page. Because the fine folks there work so hard to keep our roads open, minimize road hazards, and communicate with Washington State travelers, they are most definitely Leavenworthy.

November 6, 2010Dream House Suites. Beautiful suite and great service. Read the story here.

September 11, 2010The Fudge Hut & Bakery Creations. We love their fudge. Read the story here.

August 18, 2010Leavenworth Summer Theater's Sound of Music. A great show. We shouldn't have waited so long. Read the story here.

May 16, 2010SOUTH restaurant for providing free 24-hour wifi outside their restaurant for Internet-addicted travelers like Fritzi and Mitzi. Read the story here.

If you are a host to your guest, be a host to his dog also.

-- Russian Proverb


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