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Issue 10 - September 2011

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Accidental Bavarian 3.0

Accidental Bavarian is eighteen months old and on Labor Day weekend 2011 we released v3.0 of our website. It's bigger, better, prettier, and has 1/3 fewer calories then the previous version! We have all the information about Leavenworth that's fit to print, or at least as much as we can find.

The purpose of the site it is to be THE place for tourists to go to find out information about what's happening in town and reviews by other tourists of what we like and where to go, so please pass information about us to the tourists that come into your business. The advantage to you is that YOUR BUSINESS is on our site, with a link to your website, if you have one.

On the new website, we've begun to put reviews of businesses we've been into or know enough about to review. We've got a few dozen reviews in and hundreds to go. Perhaps we've already reviewed your business.

We've also made the site bigger, with room for ads. We don't intend to litter the site with ads, but it does help pay the bills. If you'd like to advertise on our website, please contact us.

We'd like to thank the inaugural sponsors of our site: Cold Stone Creamery (they've actually been on for a few months), Comfy Cabins, and Enzian Inn.


Who Are the Accidental Bavarians and Why Are They Stalking Leavenworth?

We still get a lot of questions about who we are and what we do. Especially when folks see our website or when we ask for information to include on the site or we take pictures of their business. We recently wrote a blog that tells you who we ARE and who we are NOT.


Leavenworthy Award

Washington State Department of Transportation is Leavenworthy!

(We periodically declare a person or business Leavenworthy. Please click the Leavenworthy link to see who we have declared Leavenworthy in the past.)

On an April day this year we had to make a trip to Seattle for a dear uncle's memorial service. We decided to stay in Leavenworth for the weekend. Before leaving we made sure we reviewed the WSDOT Winter driving page. The spring was so cold and wet we knew we could run into winter-like driving conditions. On this page we accessed PDFs about winter driving tips, viewed mountain pass webcams, got information about studded tire and tire chain requirements, and subscribed to email notifications about specific road and pass conditions.

We had a new smart phone and those emails proved vital. We were able to avoid a 4 hour delay on Snoqualmie Pass and reroute to Stevens Pass (opened due to the hard work of the WSDOT just hours before after an avalanche.) The WSDOT is also very active on Twitter, alerting drivers to road hazards, mountain pass conditions, weather conditions and communicating with travelers. We once used Twitter to alert WSDOT about some questionable conditions at a busy rest area. If you follow them, they follow back so that you can let them know if you see a problem like a rock slide, water on the roadway or a dirty rest area.

We won't travel anywhere in Washington State without connecting with the Washington State Department of Transportation. Because the fine folks there work so hard to keep our roads open, minimize road hazards, and communicate with Washington State travelers, they are most definitely Leavenworthy.


Leavenworth Job Bank

Remember our new Leavenworth Job Bank. With Oktoberfest and Christmas Lighting just around the corner, now is the time to get signed up so you can post positions you need to fill.

You'll need to get a password from us to enter jobs into the database. Go to our Vendors page to contact us for a password and to add a job to the database or to edit or remove jobs you've entered. Jobs are posted only for the time period you choose.

There is no charge to either the job posters or the job seekers for this service. It's our gift to Leavenworth.

The job bank for job seekers is at


Website Development

We also provide website development via Front Street Webs. Please contact us if you need to update your website or if you want us to create a new website for you. Accidental Bavarian itself is a sample of our work.


Find us on Facebook and Twitter

Become our friend on Facebook. It's a great place to connect with people who live in Leavenworth and those who live elsewhere but want to stay connected with the village. Find us on Facebook here.

Our Twitter feed is Leavenworthy. Twitter allows you to follow people or send out short text messages (140 characters or less) about what's happening in Leavenworth. Some tweet specials for their business or they might share a snapshot of what's going on right now in the village.

You can check out our Leavenworthiest Twitter list for links to Leavenworth-area Twitter accounts. If you know of others we'd like to hear about them.


Green Shopping Bags

Remember, now is the time to order your reusable "I Found It In Leavenworth" bag. It will continue to advertise Leavenworth and your business long after people go back home. We offer a variety of types of bags with the familiar gazebo and facades of Front Street and "I Found It In Leavenworth" printed on the side. See our "I Found It In Leavenworth" ( site for pictures, pricing and ordering information.


Please Update Your Information

We maintain links from our website to every business or organization in Leavenworth we've been able to find. Believe it or not, we are closing in on 1000 in Leavenworth and the surrounding area. We want to make sure the information we have for you is as complete as possible and provides value for potential and returning tourists who come to our site and for you as well. For that we need your help.

Please come to Accidental Bavarian and check your information, and our link to your site. If we have any incorrect information, or if you feel we have categorized your business incorrectly, please go to our "Are You a Local Business?" link at the bottom of each page and send us an EMail. Your business can be listed under more than one category. For example, if your Bed and Breakfast also hosts weddings then let us know that.

We also have a new Pet-Friendly Leavenworth page. If you have a pet-friendly business, and don't find your business listed, then give us a shout and let us know. We'd be delighted to add you.

And if you have suggestions for future additions to the website, please let us know that as well.


Please Link to Us

We love Leavenworth and do our best to encourage people to visit. We created Accidental Bavarian to look at Leavenworth from a tourist's perspective. We promote tourism in Leavenworth by providing travelers information they need to plan a fun-filled, happy experience in the Northwest's Little Bavaria. We currently do this as a hobby and are not backed by any group of businesses in Leavenworth. We offer independent reviews and provide our own opinions.

Please link your website to ours. Click here for sample code you can include on your website to provide a link.

Pass It On

While we've now identified nearly 1000 businesses in our database, we've only found Email addresses for about half of them. Please pass this Email on to anyone you know who has not received it and encourage them to Email us with updated information about their business.

So Fritzi and Mitzi, the Accidental Bavarians, say "Herzlich Willkommen, Leavenworth!"


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