Accidental Bavarian Announces the Leavenworth Job Bank

On our many trips to Leavenworth we've talked to business owners who are periodically looking for people to provide extra help during festivals or looking for people to cover for vacations and emergencies. We've also seen the signs in the windows advertising a business' need for permanent or temporary help.

Well now Leavenworth has a Job Bank available where businesses can advertise for permanent or temporary help.

You'll need to get a password from us to enter jobs into the database. Go to our Vendors page to contact us for a password and to add a job to the database or to edit or remove jobs you've entered. Jobs are posted only for the time period you choose.

There is no charge to either the job posters or the job seekers for this service. It's our gift to Leavenworth.

The job bank for job seekers is at www.LeavenworthWAJobs.com.


Green Shopping Bags

During this downtime before the festival season starts up later in the spring is a good time to look at how to get people to continue to come back to your store again and again. One way to do this is with the "I Found It In Leavenworth" bag.

Order your reusable bags from Accidental Bavarian today for the upcoming shopping season. It will continue to advertise Leavenworth and your business after people go back home. We have a variety of types of bags with the familiar gazebo and facades of Front Street and "I Found It In Leavenworth" printed on the side. There is also an option to brand the bag with the name of your store on it. This fits in well with the green themes of the LIFE2 initiative. Please check our "I Found It In Leavenworth" (www.IFoundItInLeavenworth.com) site for pictures, pricing and ordering information.


Using Other Social Network Sites to Increase Business

There are many sites on the Internet that give clients the ability to review their favorite restaurants and businesses. This can be a boon or a bust for your business.

It's important to monitor what is being said about your business. If it's good, you want to know what you are doing right and link to the reviews from your website. If it's bad, you want to determine what you need to change in your business to correct the problem. And you may want to do some damage control on the site. Many of the sites provide a way for you to resolve the issue with the client and get a bad review removed or changed.

So what should you do?

Find websites that provide reviews for your kind of business and then regularly go to those sites to see what is being said. Also encourage your patrons to rate you on these sites. To make this easy, provide links to these sites on your website.

Google also provides a free service that allows you to monitor the Internet for what people are saying. Set up a Google Alert to receive an Email whenever your business is mentioned anywhere on the Internet.

Here are some review sites to check out:

Talk to us about how to make social networks part of your marketing strategy.


Please Update Your Information

We maintain links from our website to every business in Leavenworth we have been able to identify. We want to make sure the information we have for you is as complete as possible and provides value for potential and returning tourists who come to our site and for you as well. For that we need your help.

Please come to Accidental Bavarian and check the information we have on you and the link to your site. We have included links for every business we have found in Leavenworth (and we found almost 700!). If we have any incorrect information, or if you feel we have categorized your business incorrectly, please go to our "Local Vendors" link at the bottom of each page and send us an EMail. And if you have suggestions for future additions to the website, please let us know that as well.


Please Link to Us

We love Leavenworth and do our best to encourage people to visit. We created Accidental Bavarian to look at Leavenworth from a tourist's perspective. We promote tourism in Leavenworth by providing travelers information they need to plan a fun-filled, happy experience in the Northwest's Little Bavaria. We currently do this as a hobby and are not backed by any group of businesses in Leavenworth. We offer independent reviews and provide our own opinions.

Please link your website to ours. Click here for sample code you can include on your website to provide a link.

We also provide website development via Front Street Webs. Please contact us if you need to update your website or if you want us to create a new website for you.


Pass It On

While we have well over 700 businesses in our database, we have only found Email addresses for about half of them. Please pass this Email on to anyone who has not received it and encourage them to Email us with updated information about their business.

So Fritzi and Mitzi, the Accidental Bavarians, say "Herzlich Willkommen, Leavenworth!"


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