Leavenworthy blog roll, part zwei (two)

The Gazebo in springtime

The Gazebo in springtime

Last week I posted about favorite travel blogs. This week I’ll focus on Leavenworth blogs and specific posts about Leavenworth.

Leavenworth blogs and posts:

•Melissa at the Inspired Room blog recently visited Abendblume in Leavenworth and posted about her trip with lots of photos.

WildSnow.com blogger Lou visited Leavenworth for some rock climbing and spaetzl and wrote about it here.

•Geordie and Allison are realtors in the Leavenworth area. If you’re thinking about relocating or getting a second home in Leavenworth you should subscribe to their blog to get a feel for the Leavenworth realty market.
Geordie also posts about events and activities in Leavenworth. Also follow Geordie on Facebook and Twitter.

•Are you looking for a romantic getaway or thinking of getting married in Leavenworth? Pine River Ranch hosts beautiful weddings. Check out their blog to see more. Follow Pine River Ranch on Twitter and Facebook.

Tagabonds, Taras and Amanda, visited Leavenworth on a trip throughout the US. Their post is filled with great photos and reviews from their visit.

Christine in Spain visited Leavenworth in October. She captures the incredible colors of the Cascade autumn in her blog post.

River Haus in the Pines is a Bed and Breakfast in Leavenworth, located on the Wenatchee River. River Haus hosts many evenings of acoustic music throughout the year. Their blog gives details about upcoming events. Follow them on Facebook.

•Scott and Avi of Stray Boots rode the Alki Snow Train to Leavenworth and wrote about it here. While you’re checking out All Aboard! Next Stop Leavenworth, check out Scott and Avi’s Stray Boots game. In 14 US cities and the UK you can log on and join a game where you discover cool things, trivia and history. They’ve posted challenges and you can earn points. Compete with your friends. It looks intriguing.

•Like beer? The Delicious Beer blog visited Icicle Brewery in 2011 just after its opening. Check out their review here.

Exvana is a blog and website about outdoor adventures. You can read about Leavenworth in this post. It’s a great overview of why Leavenworth makes a great place to live, visit and adventure. You can also follow their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages.

I hope these blogs and posts give you a glimpse into Leavenworth, Washington and why the Accidental Bavarians and so many others make it their home-away-from-home.
For more about Leavenworth WA follow me on Twitter, Facebook and follow my Leavenworthy board on Pinterest.

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