Who Are We

We love everything about Leavenworth and do our part to encourage people to visit. We currently do this as a hobby and are not backed by any group of businesses in Leavenworth. We offer independent reviews and provide our own opinions.

Here you will find tips on staying in Leavenworth and articles about what we like and our recommendations for restaurants, activities and places to stay. And you can always find out what is happening in Leavenworth to help plan your vacation or day trip.

We call ourselves the Accidental Bavarians because we accidentally discovered how much we love Leavenworth. After visiting multiple times, we realized just how much it was our home away from home.

Please contact us with your Leavenworth adventures. We'd love to hear from you.

Scotte and Renae (Fritzi and Mitzi)

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What We Do

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